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Competition Final Day Update!

May 14, 2017

So this competition season has come to an end.  The morning began at 6:30am and we worked until noon to finish our engine swap.  We got the engine turned over and it roared to life.  The sound of the engine was accompanied by cheers and high fives from our team and even the occasional "well done" from neighboring teams.  Before we continue we would like to thank the University of Kentucky race team for the help with the engine.  After we completed the engine swap it was run for a quick shakedown to make sure the engine was installed properly.  We then made the long walk to fueling for the endurance race.  After an hour of staging the 73 car hit the course.  As soon and it did the announcer came over the PA system talking about how our car was so distinct and easy to spot.  Our diver was putting down some solid and competitive laps in the beginning but began to slow down after four or five.  Our driver continued at this slowed down pace and made it in for the driver change.  Once there the judges did not allow us to finish the race, giving us a DNF.  Though we didn't finish the event since we hit the half way point we will receive points for the event.  This year didn't end exactly as well as we wanted but we all could not be happier.  There was a huge difference between last year and this year showing team growth.  Heads and spirits are high as we go into the night which will be spent together bonding, reminiscing, and just overall enjoying each others company.  We will post a final update when we get home which will include photos and results.  Thank you so much to everyone who got us this far, your support is truly appreciated.

Competition Day Three Update

May 12, 2017

Well day three has come to a close here in Michigan.  Our day started off very well with the dynamics events.  After a quick practice run we competed in the acceleration dynamic event posting a modest run.  After the acceleration was the skid pad and again a modest run.  Lastly we had the car run the autocross event.  This was the most important event of the day and we posted a very competitive time of 48.61488 seconds placing us in 32nd place for the event.  This is a huge success for us and was a great motivator for tomorrows event, the endurance event.  After lunch when all the events were done, we headed to the practice area again and ran a few laps.  Our driver discovered a ticking that raised concern.  After an afternoon of inspection we discovered we would need to swap our engine.  This was a huge speed bump in our plans; however we did not loose our momentum.  As a team we quickly regrouped and with the all hands on deck and some help from some friends at other teams we had our old engine out and began preparing the new engine.  An engine removal usually takes half a day if not longer but due to our team work we had the engine out in just shy of an hour.  Unfortunately we ran out of time before the new engine could be placed in the chassis.  Tomorrow starts early at 6:30am and we are ready for the day.  Tomorrow schedule will begin with completion of the engine swap.  This will be followed up by a small practice to ensure proper installation, and lastly the endurance run.  This endurance event is 22km over 30 or so minutes and we look forward to getting the car out there.  We are also extremely pleased to announce that today we had three of our teammates interview for jobs at GM.  We wish these gentlemen the best of luck in the coming weeks and hope that they will be able to receive job offers from such a great company! As always stay tuned for more updates and we look forward to finishing our week the way it began, strong!

Competition Day Two Update

May 12, 2017

We are back!  Day two was full of success and allowed our team to make great strides.  The morning started at 8am and allowed us to get the remaining safety stickers which qualified us to drive the vehicle.  This is a great achievement for the team, to be done so early on day two.  From there we had our cost report presentation.  While there our team was able to clear up any questions and wipe the few penalties we had.  After the cost report presentation there was a real life scenario presented in which our team did very well and was able to score an 18/20 points for that section.  After cost we had a few moments and finished preparing for our design judging which happened at 1:30pm and then our business presentation at 3pm.  We put forward a great presentation and representation of our team for both of these events and feel confident in our work.  After leaving the track we were able to have a very relaxing night at our house.  We had a couple members go fishing while others joined on the dock.  There were roughly 10 fish caught in total and many laughs that accompanied them.  We ended the night by the fire laughing, telling stories, and coming together more as a team.  Tomorrow will begin the dynamic events and we are at a great spot during this competition.  If you would like to check some of the live scores posted by SAE click here.  Check that the results for number 73 are displaying.  The results come in periodically so check in through out the next few days.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Competition Day One Update!

May 10, 2017

Friends and Family of ERAU Motorsports,  we are happy to announce that we are here in Michigan and after one day we have great news;  today was very successful!  We had to take the car to the safety inspection where every inch of the car is scrutinized and checked to meet rules.  After one hour of grueling inspection, we walked away with one small fix to address.  By the end of the day, our team was the 39th overall team to receive the crucial safety inspection sticker.  Tomorrow, we will be finishing up our inspections to allow us to compete in the dynamic events while also competing in the static events.  These events include the cost presentation, business presentation, and design judging.  We are excited for a new day and will be posting pictures and updates throughout the next few days!

24 Hours Left!

April 14, 2017


We are in the last 24 hours of our crowdfunding campaign.  It has been a long journey and though the campaign will be done soon, we as a team will not be.  Yesterday I had showed you all a video of the car with the engine running.  Now I have some more very exciting news for you!  Last night at 8 PM we had our first drive!  We were able to have all the systems checked and working to the point where ER03 was able to make some laps around the parking lot.  This ability to drive gave us all the added momentum to keep improving and finish the year out strong.  Below we have a clip of ER03 driving around and sounding great!

With this last 24 hours we humbly ask for your help one last time.  Please feel free to share our story and our page with your friends and family.  When this campaign ends we will still be sharing our updates with you all to keep you up to date of our progress!  We thank you one last time and cannot wait to keep working and progressing.  Our dreams will endure due to your generosity.  We hope you enjoyed meeting our teammates and we hope you look forward to hearing about us.  Follow us on our social media for a more personal connection to the team and where you can openly interact with us.  Thank you again and GO EAGLES!

48 Hours Left!

April 13, 2017


We have 48 hours left in our campaign!  We have made tremendous progress and now have the engine of our car running.  As I sit here writing this, the garage is buzzing with the noise of our engine.  Every time the engine starts we have the facilities and maintenance staff of the university stop by and stand outside of our garage door to see the car.  Now with the engine running, we are making a few final checks before we drive.  The past few days we have spent on the electrical system double checking connections and ensuring that all the sensors are operating properly.  Next we will finalize vehicle and suspension setup.  We have included a video of the engine running to allow all of you to not only see, but hear the amazing work our students have done.  We hope that with this video you as donors will be as excited as we are for the next steps.  Thank you all again for the generosity and help with our program and for powering the dreams and passions of our team.  

Meet Rhett Watson!

April 06, 2017

Hello donors,

As we mentioned last update we are back and this time to introduce you to one of our newest members who will have the opportunity to attend competition due to your generosity.  Meet Rhett pictured below.

As a first year member on our team, Rhett Watson is a junior studying mechanical engineering. After swapping his focus from aerospace engineering to mechanical, Rhett knew that practical, hands-on knowledge would be crucial to his success after college. Luckily enough, Formula SAE is there to provide this experience to him and many others. He came to the team this year looking to get involved in whatever way he could. He soon was placed on the powertrain team and began to shadow the experienced members, trying to learn as much as he could. A limited background in mechanical and shop work allowed Rhett to catch on quickly. In no time at all, Rhett began completing his own tasks and earning his way on to the team. With the knowledge and skills gained from the design and build of this year’s formula vehicle, Rhett is eager to return his senior year and tackle the project once again for his senior design class. Still, a trip to Michigan was not in the plan for Rhett this year, his first on the team. When the possibility arose for him to possibly accompany the team to competition based on the generosity of the formula donors, Rhett’s passion for the team and what it could do grew even higher. Competition experience is necessary in order to push learning beyond the classroom. The friendly, or not so friendly competition between ERAU and the other teams is the fastest way to adopt habits that will improve the future success of the vehicle and Rhett is hopeful for this opportunity. He may be one of the newest members on the team, but Rhett is showing commitment and drive and we look forward to his future contributions.

We have just a few days until our campaign is complete and we will be making a final push so that we may raise a little bit more to bring our total up.  If you would like to help us with our final push please feel free to share our story with your friends.  We thank you again for your generosity and cannot wait to update you on our results at competition.

Significant Progress!

April 04, 2017


We are very sorry for the extended time since our last update.  Since we last spoke we have made great strides not only on the car but also on the campaign.  As a team we have spent countless hours into the early mornings to work on finishing ER03.  On Saturday April 1st at 5:15 am we had placed our car on the ground on it's wheels.  This is a huge milestone for our team.  We are finishing up a few more small tasks and we will be driving very soon.  Below are two pictures of ER03 sitting on the ground.  

With the us making progress on the car we would truly like to thank you all for your support.  We have raised enough money to bring two more people to our competition, bringing the total up to three members.  Within a few days we will introduce you to another one of our teammates who will benefit from your generosity.

We are making another big push in these next few days and we will keep you apprised of our progress.  We will be checking in again soon and look forward to putting out another update.  Thank you again from everyone here at ERAU Motorsports! Go Eagles!

One Member Funded!

March 20, 2017

Thank You!

We have had this campaign active for a week and a half and we already have funding to bring one of our Freshman to our competition in May!

I would like to introduce you to Derian Bautista, photo below.  Derian joined us Fall of 2016 during his first semester at Embry-Riddle.  Derian grew up in Tampa Florida and came to Riddle to pursue his passion for engineering.  When Derian joined ERAU Motorsports he was just learning computer aided design or CAD for the first time, and had no prior experience with carbon-composites.  He was extremely dedicated to learning and through hard work he became very proficient with the software and material.  After his first few weeks with the team Derian stepped on to help out on our aerodynamics team.  He was immediately tasked with creating some of the molds for our body and other aerodynamic elements.  Though he faced a tough challenge Derian stepped up to the plate and delivered.  Having this funding means a lot to Derian he said, "I knew my chances for going to competition were slim if I didn't prove that I could handle myself.  That desire to go and gain real world experience as well as spending time doing something I love really motivated me to invest time into the team and it has definitely paid off".  As a team we have been very impressed with Derian's work and cannot wait to have him join us in Michigan for the competition, as his attendance at there is crucial in many ways.  First Derian gets to experience the fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding atmosphere of the competition.  While in Michigan, he will also gain lots of knowledge to look back on and apply to next year's design.  Not only that, but he will have the background of a full year of work and help him become a leader in this team as he progresses in his education.  Derian and the rest of the team would like to thank you for your generous support.  All of us here at ERAU Motorsports are truly grateful that we can continue our education and passion for automotive racing.

If you have not done so already we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at ERAU Motorsports for more updates and great coverage of our build.  If there are any questions feel free fill out the contact page on our website

Thanks again and we will be releasing another update next week.

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