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Eagle Works - Help Us Break the Electric Land Speed Record!

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Telemetry Testing

March 15, 2018

Telemetry testing has finally begun! After several delays, the Eagle Works telemetry system team was able to run the firsts tests of the telemetry system for the vehicle. In order to better understand the system and consequent data collected, it was connected via OBII to two different vehicles. Team members were conveniently able to read the data from both engines on a phone app that communicated with the telemetry system through a blue-tooth connection. With a hands-on learning session of the system, the telemetry team now sees even more of the system's potential versatility that can be implemented into the project.


Below are two snapshots of the user interfaces from which data can be read.

Crowdfunding Extension!

March 07, 2018

We want to thank all our gracious sponsors and donors who have consistently helped our team succeed and speed toward our goal.  We would also like to thank all the donors who have contributed to our Crowdfunding Page. We are happy to announce that the Crowdfunding Page will be open for additional two weeks! Many of you have already given so much but please continue to spread the word so we can reach our goal! 


 Thank you to everyone and keep checking back to see our progress as we build Embry-Riddle’s first electric land speed vehicle.

Member of the month

March 05, 2018

As supporters of Eagle Works we would like to give you the opportunity to get to know our Team members a little bit better. Meet Zach Griswold, The Eagle Works member of the month!  Zach works with the coding team working the motor controllers, and was an integral part of overcoming a large hurdle that the team had been struggling with: getting the microcontroller boards being used for the project to “talk” with each other by sending code between them. The team saw this as a great achievement, as there are not many undergraduate students with the knowledge to program this sort of code, given that there are degree fields out there for this expertise. Being only a freshman, he is well on the way to making more major breakthroughs for the Eagle Works team throughout his tenure as a member, and we couldn’t be more grateful for his contributions!

Off to a Great Start!!

February 24, 2018

Thank you all for your generosity and support to the Eagle Works Team. Since the crowdfunding page began the Team has made a lot of progress. Most recently we have received a prototype motor plate from Makstride! This prototype was machined out of acrylic for size testing purposes. The actual motor plates will be used to mount the motor to the motor block and to seal the motors off from the harsh and salty environment of Bonneville. Our next step will be to machine dowels so we can test them with the acrylic plate to ensure that the plates line up perfectly with the motor. Pictured below is Alexander Crammond, our project manager for steering and suspension, showing off our new prototype. Feels good to get some machined parts rolling in!


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Help us get our engine started through with just a small donation. A lot of little things add up, and your generosity will help us acquire small components like the steering wheel and copper wire.


up to $75 - 100-MPH Club

Help us hit the accelerator! Your donation will help us pay for larger components including a hub bearing and components of the cooling system.


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As speeds increase, so does the need for safety. Donating at this level helps pay for safety items including a five-point safety harness and fire extinguishing equipment.


up to $250 - 200-MPH Club

That land speed record is just out of reach! This donation level will help pay for up to five gallons of di-electric oil for motor cooling, and the larger components of the frame including metal and welding supplies.


up to $500+ - 250-MPH Club

Speeding toward the finish! This level of donation pays for half of the fire suppression system and key components of the battery modules.