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Want to raise money through Embry-Riddle crowdfunding? When you do, you will receive hands-on help from a fundraising professional, a special ‘text-to-donate’ keyword specific to your cause and a custom URL after your campaign ends.

Better yet, there is no processing fee, so every dollar donated will directly support your goals. Plus, all gifts made through Embry-Riddle crowdfunding are tax deductible, which encourages supporters to make larger donations.

Crowdfunding allows us to showcase exciting initiatives across all our campuses that focus on student groups/clubs, the student learning experience, athletics, faculty initiatives and more.




Embry-Riddle crowdfunding is a platform designed to help students and faculty across all campuses make their ideas and passions can come to life. All applications will be reviewed by university leadership. Applicants will be contacted directly upon approval.


If you have any questions, please send us an email.

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